Resident Assistant Portfolio


As a student staff member I have organized and helped out with programs directed towards my hall, my complex and the housing system. Many terms I have exceeded the programming expectations set on student staff members. I also make it a point to be available to help out with programs I am not directly involved with. I am often a go-to guy for help getting audio-visual equipment set up and working for programs. I also assist my staff in understanding the RHA funding request process and getting their requests approved.

These are some highlights of different programs or programming related activities that I have been proud to organize or help with.


  • Fight Club and Soap – Created and implemented a program where residents could make melt and pour soap and watch the movie. This program has been repeated many times by other halls after I told people about it. Residents like it because most have never made soap like this.
  • Primary Colors – Showed the movie and had voter registration information because of the upcoming election.
  • Saturday Market – Brought residents to the local market to learn more about Eugene.
  • Drag Show – Addressed some hall issues by having the hall attend an LGBTQA event.
  • Hall Government – Worked with interested residents to plan programs that they wanted to be involved in.


  • Alcohol Facts – Placed labels on cups at Common Grounds during a movie night to provide residents an educational message with their beverage.
  • Paintball – brought several vans of residents to play paintball.
  • International Movie Nights – Organized a nightly movie during the opening week of the International Hall. This gave residents an opportunity to meet people from other halls and an opportunity to watch films from other countries.
  • International Dance – Collected international music to play at dance and DJed for the event.
  • Complex Government – I was the president of Bean for winter and spring term freshman year, facilitating meetings with the assistance of the ACD. As an RA I have attended meetings when my schedule permits.
  • AV Support – Organized projector reservations as well as other equipment for multiple programs that needed audio or visual equipment. Acted as a resource for staff members that needed help getting equipment to work.
  • Van Driver – Certified and always willing to drive for programs and student staff activities.


  • Funding requests – Created an online RHA funding request process that makes it simpler for RAs and organizations to ask for funding. Helped staff members get funded by RHA by helping submit requests and giving funding presentations.
  • RHA Programming – Assisted with many RHA programs outside of my role as an RA.

See attached advertisements, photos, hall publications, and programming records.

Community Development

As a Resident Assistant, one of the biggest goals is to create and maintain a positive and respectful environment for all residents to live in. I have accomplished this in several different ways. First by being available for residents and getting to know them; second by providing programs for residents to attend that offer socialization and learning opportunities. I have also helped develop the community of my current staff by being available and a resource for help.

These are specific examples of how I have developed community in different settings.


  • Hall name quiz – I have completed my hall name quizzes every term with 100% accuracy.
  • New Residents – New residents are greeted and door-decorations are made as soon as I find out they are in the hall.
  • Availability – I maintain a presence much greater than the required presence on my floor.
  • Interaction – I often invite residents to watch television and movies with me in my room when they have nothing to do. I keep my room clean to present an inviting space that residents will feel comfortable to enter.
  • Custodial – Part of our community are the people that help maintain it. I try to encourage people to address the CWs when they have problems or needs as well as to support the CWs by discussing with them what is going on in the hall and any issues they may have. I also make a door-decoration for the hall CW to encourage their acceptance and interaction with the community.


  • Resource to staff – Helped RAs on the Carson Earl staff adjust to and handle their new position as a staff member by offering help and advice in various situations.
  • Friend to staff – Built friendships with staff by being personable and entertaining.
  • Available to other staff members – I have been available to staff members when they need someone to talk to or just a place to relax.
  • Constructive criticism – I offer other staff members constructive criticism when there are issues that I feel they need to address.
  • Get to know other residents – I not only have gotten to know the residents in my hall but have made an attempt to get to know residents in other halls as well.


  • Interaction with other staffs – I make a point to know staff members on other staffs and interact with them. I always say hi when I see another staff member.
  • Interactions with professional staff – I enjoy talking with professional staff and appreciate their availability to staff and residents. Eating lunch with Mike Eyster is always interesting.
  • Residence Hall Association – By being active in RHA I have the opportunity to help build that community as well as have more exposure to events that are happening in the system.

Please see the attached door decorations, and letters from residents.


As an RA it is important to stay organized and on top of your administrative responsibilities. These include completing documentations, audits, program evaluations and EBIs in a timely manner, as well as maintaining attendance and timeliness at meetings, and staying in communication with your staff and supervisor about issues that are happening in the halls. I have shown my ability in these areas in many different ways but especially by obtaining 100% return with EBIs for two years running and competing my audit in less than 48 hours every term.

These are specific areas that showcase my administrative ability.


  • Audit – Competing my audit in less than 48 hours every term, usually the first RA done on Carson Earl staff.
  • Community Conversations – Addressed community conversations in a timely manner keeping relevance to documentation.
  • EBIs – Obtained 100% return from hall both years as an RA.


  • Roster – Compiled an official unofficial staff roster that added instant messaging screen names and cell phone numbers.
  • Carson Earl staff email list – Helped Drew change the mailing list to handle submissions from both gladstone and uoregon email addresses.
  • Fire procedures – Sent procedure reminders to staff after some staff members were confused about the procedure.
  • Program Planners and Evaluations – Submitted program planers and evaluations in a timely manner.
  • Staff Evaluations – I submit staff evaluations on time and do my best to give constructive feedback.
  • Purchase orders – I complete purchase orders accurately and return them in a timely manner.
  • Communication – I set up and check my Audix mailbox regularly and assist other staff members in doing the same. I constantly monitor my email inbox and reply to messages as soon as possible as well as regularly checking my mailbox in Drew’s office.


  • RHA Website – I maintain and monitor contributions to the RHA website to maintain professionalism and appropriateness. This includes checking every change that is made and redirecting email sent to the RHA account to the appropriate person.
  • Recommendations to pro-staff – I made the suggestion that Steven Jenkins use “BOUNCE –APPROVE” method to eliminate confusion of who messages are coming from.

Please look at the attached unofficial staff roster, fire procedure email, and RHA edit count.

Community Standards

As an RA it is important to maintain a positive living and learning environment. The hall becomes a temporary home for residents where they should feel comfortable and accepted as a person while being given the opportunity to learn. I have helped maintain these standards by setting expectations and addressing issues as they become apparent. When there is a situation that I am not capable of handling or that I don’t know how to handle, I seek help from other staff members or the complex director.

These are some examples of how I maintain community standards in different settings.


  • Role model – As an RA in my hall I do my best to be a role model for the behavior I would like the residents to have: respectful, open and friendly while being there as a student.
  • First hall meeting – In my first and second hall meeting I made sure to establish my expectations for my residents as well as go over the community agreement and roommate agreements to hopefully address problems before they developed.
  • Biased incident response – Addressed bias incidents that developed in the hall by trying to educate people on why it is biased and then reporting it to the BRT. The most recent issue was the use of the word “fag” on my whiteboard that I responded to by giving an explanation of why it has become a derogatory word.
  • Worked with FA to maintain expectations – When issues came to either Sasha or my attention we discussed how we should handle the situation and worked together to address it.
  • Mediation – I have mediated several roommate conflicts and helped individuals gain insight on ways that they could improve in communicating with people in the community.


  • Policy Questions – When other staff members had questions about policies I have answered them or directed them to the proper person.
  • Documentations – While on rounds or in other halls I maintain the community standards that are established such as noise levels and alcohol policies.


  • Policy Enforcement – there have been several situations that I have observed happening while near a different complex. I maintain my position as an RA and seek an RA from the complex to help me address the situation. These mainly revolve around objects being thrown out of windows.

Please see the attached response to the use of “fag” and community agreement.


I have also had the opportunity to work in several different housing groups that allowed me to contribute my opinions and feedback. Participating in these groups has allowed me to get to know professional staff better and to get to know more about the housing profession.

  • Marketing group – I have been working with a group of interested RAs to provide John Holland with constructive feedback on the programming evaluation form.
  • Quality circles – I have participated in the Training quality circle giving feedback on my training experience and planning in-services. I have also attended the Student Staff Quality Circle and had the opportunity to give feedback on job related issues.
  • Complex Director Interviews – I have participated in many student staff lunch interviews of CD candidates because I believe it is important to get to know the people that could be hired for the coming year.
  • Earl DAG Committee – Brought student and RA input to the redesign and remodel of Earl International House to include a kitchen for use by residents and faculty.
  • LLC Interiors Committee – Contributed student perspective on room and lounge furnishings.

I believe that my experience in housing has taught me a lot and that there is still a lot to learn. However there are several other activities that I participate in that give me extra experience that I believe is relevant to the RA/SRD job.

ASL Club

  • Diversity – I have gained insight into a community that I had little knowledge about. I have also learned to communicate with people that are often ignored and have difficulties participating in campus activates.
  • Programming – I am currently working with other board members to organize, promote, and hold a Deaf culture day to promote and inform people about Deaf culture.

Butte Creek Business Manager (Summer 2006)

  • Management – I will be responsible for directly managing 6 staff members including kitchen staff and trading post.
  • Purchasing – I will be in charge of purchasing food and supplies for 300 campers for seven weeks.
  • Organization – I will be responsible for registration and assignment of campers as well as managing an office and other administrative tasks.

Please see the attached letters and evaluations to get more information about me.